Ping pong table


In order to play ping pong you need a ping pong table. It should be 2,75 mt long and 1,52 mt wide, and it has to be at least 76 cm from the ground line. The material can vary but it has to guarantee the balls to bounce in an unvarying way, and usually it is colored with dark colors, like green or blue, with white demarcation lines. Two or more players are divided into two teams and they must have rackets and ping pong balls. The ping pong table should be placed in the middle of the play area which should be at least 14 x 7 mt. The table is also divided in the middle by a net, made on nylon, which has to have the right dimensions. Rackets can have different coverage materials, but the dimensions should respect the game rules; same said for the balls.
Ping pong table

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You can place your ping pong table anywhere, as long as you keep it repaired from adverse weather conditions and potential damage causes. The ideal would be to place it under a porch or in a place which is not always exposed to the sunlight, because if you intend to play the sport during hot summer days, you will risk to get sunstrokes and similar. Just be sure you will use the right cautions before playing. In order to preserve the table itself, you have to know whether you got indoor or outdoor tables.

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    Ping pong table: INDOOR OR OUTDOOR

    Outdoor tables are made of materials that are waterproof and usually they tend to be treated with colors that do not fade with the passing of the time and with the sun exposure. You can place them anywhere and just prevent damages to occur. Indoor tables are ideal to be placed in repaired locations, but this does not mean you cannot move them in an open space with good weather. Always remember to put them back inside once done with your game. A plus for ping pong tables is that, most of the times, they are designed to be foldable. This is created in order to occupy a small part of your location and to move it around without any difficulty. Remember that if you do not have a partner, you can rise a side up and play on your own, bouncing the ball on the wall created by the other half of the table.