A garden or a green area is preferable to locate your slide. If your children are still very young, place a plastic mattress at the end of the slide so they will not get hurt. There are also specific slides for small children, all made of plastic so that they are not dangerous for the youngsters. A parent must always be present, in order to avoid accidents or similar.

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Slides characteristics

Slides characteristicsYou can reach the slide by stepping on a staircase, reaching a flat area where the child sits and starts to slide down. Slides are part of those garden playgrounds that will definitely make your children happy. If you are doubting which slides are better than others, ask for hints to the sellers explaining your needs, and your perspective, so that they can suggest the best structure for your family and house. Slides can be done in plastic or wood. Plastic slides are the most sold because plastic is very resistant to weather conditions, and they do not request much maintenance, because they are easily washable. If it is a small slide, you can also dismantle it and store it during the cold season. Wooden slides are usually bigger and treated with substances to prevent rain and similar to affect the material.

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    Slides installation

    Usually plastic slides do not need to be stuck on the ground because they are relatively resistant and planned to host kids which are not very heavy yet. If you are going to install a wooden slide, then you have to consider where to fix it. Most of these slides have montage kits and instructions, just be sure you are following each step, and you will be able to set your slide in the right place and manner. Sometimes wooden slides have a small wooden house at the top of the structure, which means you will have a more demanding job to do. With a wooden slide though, you can be sure your kids will have a piece of playground for many many years.

    Slides maintenance

    Slides maintenanceOnce you placed your slide in the garden, if it is made in wood you cannot remove it for the winter, but you can perform a correct maintenance to keep it safe and repaired until the following hot season. Spraying waterproof solutions and varnishes that are particularly apt to those elements is the best choice. There are also covers that you can use, usually made in plastic, to protect the structure, fixing to specific points in order to avoid the wind to take it off. If you opted for plastic slides, just wash them with water and specific solutions that you can find in the store where you got the slide, and just get them ready to be placed indoor, waiting for the good season. Be sure you prevent molds and mosses to proliferate in your environment attacking the playground pieces.