Snow Man

Snow Man

A snowman is an amazing pastime for either children and parents helping with the creation of this traditional piece of nature. In those places where it often snows children usually grow up with the concept of building snowmen. During the winter season, a snow man becomes a symbol and a playground activity for those who find their first time playing with the snow.
Snow Man

Mr. Snow

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Realization Snow Man The Christmas snow man is created by building two huge snow balls. One will be the head of the snow man, the other will shape its body. You will have to begin from the lower part reaching the top following some simple steps. It will take time depending on the measures of the snow man you would like to have. Children usually love to have gigantic, related to their height, snowmen created with parents and friends. The face of the snowman is realized by adding vegetables and tree branches or other small objects borrowed from nature or from the inside of the house. The nose is generally substituted with a carrot, arms are made of branches, eyes are made with chestnuts or similar, scarf and hat are usually old ones previously owned by the components of the family and for other details it is all up to the fantasy of the creators. When the temperatures begin to rise, the snow man will melt leaving only its real parts remain lying on the ground.

    The old man and the sea

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    PurposeAlthough it may seem like a normal activity to the eyes of adults, the truth is that for children it is a very important moment for them to be able to play in the open air without having to worry about the low temperature. In fact, they will be dressed and ready to face the time they will pass creating the snow man, keeping on moving and heating up the body, until they are ready to go back in the house, observing their creation from behind the window glass. Collaborating with their children, parents can show and teach the kids at the same time, about co-operating and helping each other to reach a mutual goal. In case of fights among different children, you can always tell them to do one each who will eventually create a group of snow men to cheer up the landscape.

    Melted snow man

    When winter season ends, the snow man will melt leaving only a trace of its presence, but it is always a good idea to refer to its disappearance without calling it a death because children might be really sensitive to this matter.