The liquid is placed in a container and, thanks to the pressure, it is sprayed out in very small drops. When these small drops meet the air, for the effect of the heat, the liquid vaporizes and the solid creates agglomerates. The air-spray device can be placed on poles that can be placed anywhere in order to treat any kind of plants or crops with anti-parasites solutions. There are also portable air-sprays when you have to treat small surfaces and they work thanks to a lever, that you have to push and pull to let the liquid out. The only flaw of the portable one is the heaviness.

Bomboletta Spray Aria Compressa per la pulizia Stac Plastic Air

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Characteristics You cannot avoid using an air-spray if you do have a piece of land with plants. This system is easy to use because you only have to fill up the tank adding some anti-parasite solution and then spray it wherever you need it. Most of the times, the air-spray is linked to a tractor so you can move it around without any problem. You have to be used to work with these kinds of products because you should know the distance where you should start spraying from. There are several different types of air-sprays so be sure you pick up what fits your needs for the best.

    Ewent EW5601 Spray ad Aria Compressa, 400 ml, Cannuccia Lunga, Bianco

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    UsageAir-spray can be bought in stores selling gardening material but if it is the first time you are using such tools, consider asking for help to experts in order to choose what really suits your needs. Depending on the usage you will make of it, you could find different costs, so get ready to choose among a list of possibilities. Bigger models are apt for huge pieces of land where crops need to be air-sprayed with a lot of anti-parasites solutions, while smaller gardens can deal with smaller models. The portable air-spray is also easy to use but it also owns the disadvantage of being heavy and hard to bear on your shoulder; still it is easier to get prepared and ready to be used right quick.


    Every time you use your air-spray, remember to use it with caution. Not only while you are using it, but also when you put it down, always remember to clean it to rinse off the residues of anti-parasite liquid which can be potentially harmful. Remember to keep it away from the reach of children or animals that could ingest or touch the part of the air-spray getting intoxicated and poisoned. I modelli pił grandi sono adatti per coloro che hanno delle coltivazioni estese e che sono agricoltori per lavoro. Before buying one, you could ask someone who already has it if you can borrow it once, so that you can actually realize if you really need one, and which kind is the best for you and your plants.