Hedge trimmer

Hedge trimmer characteristics

The hedge trimmer works thanks to an engine that can be turned on either with electricity or with gasoline. The engine is held on a beam and a rigid material protection is placed over the blade in order to make it harmless to the user. The hedge trimmer with a harness allows more precise movements than the classical tool. The grip is a very important part of the instrument because it keeps the trimmer steady and you can handle it without hindrances. Usually, turning on the engine you have an accelerator command and a stopping device that allows you to stop the trimmer immediately, most of all in case of emergency. If you have the gas fed version, be sure its gas tank is not leaky, ever. In order to be a safe tool it has to respect all the factory regulations and people should stay at least 15m far from it.
Hedge trimmer

BLACK+DECKER GT4245-QS Tagliasiepi, 420 W, Lama 45 cm

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A hedge trimmer is useful in all those cases when you have to cut those points where your mower finds hindrances without being able to perform correctly. It is very loud and since it can be used for many hours it is always a good idea to wear earplugs while in use, in order to prevent ear damages to occur. As a general rule, you should not use hedge trimmers if you are not used to use similar tools, and before long and tiring jobs, it is always better to get trained performing small cuts following different steps, from easier ones to harder.

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    Maintenance Considering that you can find many different trimmers on the market, and that they each have their own characteristics, it is always a good procedure to look for the right methods for the maintenance of your tools. You can also ask the buyers and see what they suggest will fit your needs for the best. You have to be sure you buy all the other accessories you will need to use your hedge trimmer without any consequence. This means that you will need specific gloves, special boots, a mask for your face and obviously earplugs to protect you from the noise it creates while on. Once you are done working, you will only have to store it in the right place, without humidity and potential damages. The place should also be safe for other people that could pass near, such as children or animals.


    Depending on where you are going to buy it, a hedge trimmer can vary for shape, characteristics and most of all, cost. Gardening stores but also the mall, can offer a wide variety of pieces. If you need some specific performances you better ask for information to the specialist of that sector, whether you are buying in a specific store or at the mall. Shopping on-line can allow you to find discounts and offers but only if you are already an expert of the tool and you are absolutely sure of what you want. Last but not least, the website where you buy it should be a guaranteed one, otherwise you could encounter frauds.