Christmas decorations and wreaths

Christmas decorations and wreaths:

Christmas decorations and wreaths

During the weeks leading up to Christmas you can decorate the house with fir branches or other Christmas decorations. In many nurseries you can buy cut fir branches or synthetic branches, and you can use these green bases to decorate the house. You can use simple or elongated leaves in decorations, or use the fir to make wreaths to hang up. Using supports in wicker or florist’s foam will help you make perfect and long-lasting garlands.

After choosing the form of your green decoration you can dress it with elements that recall Christmas, typically using tapes, candles, and ornaments in red and gold. To prepare your decorations begin by winding them with coloured ribbon, in whatever colour you like; into the spaces left between the turns of the tape so you can place candles or small balls, fixing them with covered wire, masking it with the green of the leaves. To remind people of winter and the cold you could also spray the wreath with synthetic snow.

Christmas decorations and wreaths

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