Cuttings of succulent plants

Cuttings of succulent plants:


Many succulent plants tend to produce new shoots at their base, from which new plants can grow. During the period of maximum vegetative growth it is possible to remove these shoots to get new plants; and it is also possible to produce cuttings of succulent plants, by removing leaves, or portions of branches or stems. The tissues of succulents are full of water and usually root very easily. Choose the plant from which you want to produce cuttings; it must be a plant with many fleshy leaves, or a plant that has sprouted: in any case one with a high, columnar stem. Then with the aid of a clean and sharp knife take cuttings at least 7-10 cm long. For a Crassula, or another plant with fleshy leaves, take some leaves, cutting at the base of the petiole. In order to root these portions of succulents it is recommended to let the cuts dry out for a few days, keeping your cuttings somewhere warm and dry. If your plant is from the euphorbia family then briefly immerse the ends of the cuttings in warm water, to prevent the whitish latex sap from continuing to flow, as this will prevent rooting. Prepare a soil consisting of shredded peat and sand in equal parts and insert the prepared cuttings, when the cut surface is nice and dry. Then place the containers with the cuttings in a warm and lightly shaded place, spraying the cuttings with demineralized water at least once a day. When the plants are rooted, you can gradually begin to move them to a sunny location.

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