Designing an irrigation system

Designing an irrigation system:

Designing an irrigation system

Remember that each sprinkler can water all around it, or only in a very specific angle you have set.

Look at the garden and draw the area on a piece of paper, with the places of trees and shrubs; then mark the tubing with the path that the water will have to take to reach the majority of the garden, trying to avoid concrete paths or other barriers of this kind, which, if they have to be on the path of the pipeline of the irrigation system, will have to be crossed appropriately.

After you have drawn the path of the pipeline you should consider the placement of sprinklers, checking how much area the sprinklers you have chosen can water, and making sure to cover all the ground, leaving no spaces. Try to draw on your project the area that will be wet by the sprinklers, and if necessary organise it so that some areas of watering overlap, so as to cover all the ground.

Designing an irrigation system

Water-Supply Engineering; the Designing, Construction, and Maintenance of Water-Supply Systems: Both City and Irrigation

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