Fighting snails and slugs

Fighting snails and slugs:

Fighting snails and slugs

In the market there are special baits that kill these animals when ingested. These products are based on metaldehyde, which is very poisonous, so it must be placed carefully so that pets, intrigued by the smell or colour, don’t eat them. Typically these baits are placed in small piles near the plots in the vegetable garden, and try to place these baits in less visible positions, such as in the grass at the edge of the garden, or among the leaves of a low shrub. The baits tend to dissolve over time, so it is advisable to check when the piles are exhausted and rebuild them.

There are also commercially available products based on minerals that are not harmful for small animals, but in this case too they are baits, which are sometimes also positioned in small heaps, and in other cases are spread out on the ground at the time of preparation of the plot. As for slugs, it seems that arranging small containers in the garden containing 4-6 cm of beer leads to the rapid extermination of this type of animal.

Fighting snails and slugs

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