Filling holes in the wall with plaster

Filling holes in the wall with plaster:

Filling holes in the wall with plaster

Before starting clean up the crack or the small hole, since the edges often tend to crumble easily; using a spatula or a small scraper then gently remove the edge portions that are not well stuck to the wall; then use a small brush or vacuum cleaner to remove the dust that will be left on the wall.

Using a flexible spatula, take a small amount of plaster from the container, push it into the crack with a spatula and smooth it to the level of the wall. If the crack or hole is very deep you have to repeat this process several times, always using a small amount of plaster.

When the crack seems well-filled, wait for the plaster to dry completely, then smooth the wall, trying to smooth the plaster perfectly level with the wall around it.

Filling holes in the wall with plaster

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