Forcing of bulbous plants

Forcing of bulbous plants:

Forcing of bulbous plants

Spring-flowering bulbous plants are placed in the garden in the autumn, so they are well established in late winter, when they have to prepare their flowers. In order to enjoy the flowers of the bulbs during the winter too you can grow them indoors where the heat will make them begin to develop their root system, and then their flowers. You should choose flowers that bloom in late winter or spring, such as daffodils, crocuses or hyacinths, and when choosing the bulbs make sure that they are firm, and free from mould, roughness or dark calluses, which may be points for rot to develop later on. When you have chosen the bulbs you have to choose a place in your home where the climate is as close to spring as possible: warm, light and humid. Window sills are a good bet, where your bulbs will enjoy the greatest amount of light and also proximity to radiators, stoves or fireplaces to simulate the spring warmth, stimulating the bulbs to begin their development. Bulbs to be forced can be placed in pots with soil, or there are commercially available containers which keep only the lower part of the bulb constantly in contact with water. Once you have chosen the container remember to bury the bulb not too deep, with the apex pointing upwards. Water the substrate thoroughly, and then place the pot in a bright place, protecting it from draughts. In a few weeks the bulbs should begin to grow, and in about 45-50 days start to bloom.
Forcing of bulbous plants

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