Green pruning

Green pruning:

Green pruning

Green pruning is done in late spring or summer. It is called green because it occurs on plants that have already finished most of their development in the spring, and so they are already full of lush foliage. It is carried out in particular on plants that have very lush growth, such as hedge plants or vines and on fruit trees, such as kiwi, peaches, and citrus. It is done by removing the suckers, at the base of the stem or on larger branches, and basal shoots. It is also important to trim the branches that protrude too far from the line of the crown, to facilitate the production of lateral branches and to keep hedges thick and dense, and also to lighten the plant. In addition to this, especially in plants that bear fruit (such as kiwi), remove the small and weak branches, which create a lot of shade in the inner part of the canopy. In the case of fruit trees, with this type of pruning you try to expose the fruit to the sun better, so that it ripens uniformly.
Green pruning

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