Multiplication of bulbs using bulblets

Multiplication of bulbs using bulblets:

Multiplication of bulbs using bulblets

During the winter months you can remove bulbs from the ground, either to keep them for next year in a cool, dry, dark place indoors, or just to thin them out and plant them in a better way to get more flowers in the spring. When you do this you will see that each year the bulbs tend to produce some small new bulbs. These new bulbs will become larger and larger over time, until they can give us splendid flowers. It makes sense, then, to sort the bulbs and remove the small bulblets. These new bulbs can be planted separately, distancing them from other bulbs, to leave them room to grow. Plant the bulblets at a depth more or less equal to the diameter of a bulb of normal size; in this manner you can be sure that the bulblet will have sufficient cover to protect it from the cold. Remember to plant it in a good soft, rich and sandy soil. As with other bulbs, bulblets can also be planted out in the autumn, or, especially for species that cannot withstand the cold, you can keep them in a dark, cool and dry place until the last frost in autumn, when they can be planted out in the garden. If you cultivate your bulbs in a very small flowerbed, or in pots, as time goes by the soil will become saturated with bulbs and bulblets in various stages of growth. This overcrowding can then cause a shortage of nutrients and a consequent absence of flowers. For this reason it is recommended that at least every two years you take your bulbs out from these pots or very small beds, to thin them out and arrange them so that they have enough space to develop.
Multiplication of bulbs using bulblets


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