Planting shrubs with mulching film

Planting shrubs with mulching film:

Planting shrubs with mulching film

Thoroughly work the soil in the area where you intend to place the plant, enriching it with a good dose of manure and fresh rich compost, to allow rapid and healthy development of the root. Then prepare the mulching material; it is advisable to use a resistant fabric, such as a plastic fabric, which can remain in place for several years.

This material should be placed in a size twice that of the canopy of the shrub that you want to plant. Before placing it, make two cross-cuts in the centre, with the width of the ball of earth around the roots of your shrub. Then spread the fabric on the ground and fix it with metal staples or pegs, which will be inserted deep into the soil, avoiding leaving points or other parts protruding from the ground.

Widen the edges of the cross at the centre of the fabric and use a shovel to dig a hole to place the bush. Then put it in place and cover the roots with a good amount of earth. Reposition the edges of the mulching fabric, fix it with staples and press the ground with your foot to compact it a little.

Planting shrubs with mulching film

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