Polishing wood with wax

Polishing wood with wax:

Polishing wood with wax

Wood prepared like this should be treated with a mixture of alcohol and shellac, a product that will give wood that is polished and protected from the passage of years, but leaving clearly visible the natural grain and texture of the wood.

The shellac is dissolved in alcohol, and distributed on the surface of the wood by means of a buffer consisting of a thick wad of cotton covered by a thin flax or cotton cloth, with very fine mesh; dip the buffer thus prepared in the shellac and pass it over the entire surface of the wood to be treated in a circular motion, trying not to stop, but making a light, continuous movement.

Generally, to obtain wood that is polished and correctly-treated, you need at least 4 coats of shellac, diluting it more and more each time.

Polishing wood with wax

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