Preparing a car park using Erbablock

Preparing a car park using Erbablock:

Preparing a car park using Erbablock

the purpose of these materials is to reinforce the garden soil, so as to avoid marks from damage by cars, and keeping the lawn underneath in perfect condition.

There are tiles for this purpose in various materials, from cement to recycled plastic.

They are modular tiles, which can sometimes also be equipped with self-locking systems, to fix each tile to the others that are already laid.

Before placing the tiles you should level the area for placing the pavement with a rake, raising any stones or large pebbles, then put down a layer of sand or gravel, at least a couple of inches thick, that you will level later.

On this base, position the tiles next to each other.

After having positioned them you can spread some soil for grass on the pavement, that you can moisten and then sow the grass; the roots from the lawn will provide additional strength and elasticity to the structure, especially if you are using tiles made of plastic material.

Preparing a car park using Erbablock

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