Propagating bulbs and tubers by division

Propagating bulbs and tubers by division:

Propagating bulbs and tubers by division

Bulbous plants, tubers or rhizomes can also be propagated by division of their underground organs. This type of propagation has the advantage of keeping the characteristics of the flower intact, and also it means that from a single bulb, tuber or rhizome you can also get 3-4 new plants. Start by unearthing the bulb or tuber or rhizome and washing it thoroughly, so you can observe the shape better.

Use a properly cleaned and sharpened grafting knife to cut your tuber into pieces, but not too small, as it is essential that every piece of tuber has a germ in it, and that every piece of a rhizome has some part of the filamentous root. As for bulbs, though, this type of propagation is carried out only with bulbs with fleshy cloves (lilies, fritillaries), and you can divide them simply by detaching the individual cloves with your hands. Once you have obtained these portions, powder them with a fungicide and bury them in good, slightly damp soil, somewhere light but not too sunny.

Propagating bulbs and tubers by division

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