Protecting trees trunks: guides

Protecting trees trunks: guides:

Protecting trees trunks: guides

The first type of support is placed mainly against the trunks of young, recently planted trees. You should generally act at the time of planting, attaching the thin trunk to guides, that will be buried at the sides of the stem.

Be careful to ensure that the trunk is fixed using flexible fastenings, so as not to hinder the trunk during growth. Another type of brace is positioned at the base of the stem, using reinforcements of wire net, felt or plastic material at the foot of the young tree, to ensure that mechanical grass-cutting machinery doesn’t ruin the thin bark.

Laying a felt disc, a few centimetres wide, at the base of the plant also avoids the development of weeds, especially harmful in the case of planting out young trees. The braces are removed after a few years, when the plant is sufficiently developed.

Protecting trees trunks: guides

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