Replacing the cord of a roller shutter

Replacing the cord of a roller shutter:

Replacing the cord of a roller shutter

Use both hands to twist the roller that carries the shutter and rewind it completely; using a long screwdriver or other tool, lock the shutter in the raised position , using it as a brake.

Then attach one end of the new belt to the roller of the roller shutter; remove the stopper and slowly let the roller shutter fall again, so that the belt rolls around the roller that holds the belt.

Unscrew the roller holder which is at the lower end of the belt and remove the old belt. Then rewind the small roll in the opposite direction to the winding of the shutter, and then, while holding the roller, attach the new belt and replace the roll into the wall, securing it with the screws you removed earlier.

Replacing the cord of a roller shutter

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