The care of garden tools

The care of garden tools:

garden tools

It is important to take care of garden tools, to avoid deterioration over time, but also to avoid transmitting diseases from plant to plant. For scissors, wire cutters and cutters, it is important that they are always kept sharp, otherwise they can make uneven and torn cuts, encouraging the subsequent development of fungal diseases, and every time you prune your plants remember to treat the cutting tools with denatured alcohol, in order to disinfect them in a precise and secure manner. Rakes and shovels should be kept in good condition, cleaning them after use and removing loose soil or leaves. The metal must be kept clean, also always check that the teeth of rakes are very straight, and the blades of spades good and flat, or we may not be able to use them to the fullest. If you have a chainsaw or a lawnmower remember that these tools need sharpening, as poorly sharpened chain saws produce uneven cuts and jagged wood at these points tends to be attacked by rot, which can be very harmful. Mowers with poorly sharpened blades tear up grass instead of mowing it, which will lead over time to a lawn that is ruined and uneven. Even small tools such as small shovels, hoes and small rakes, should be periodically reviewed, cleaned and possibly sharpened so that they can carry out their duties in a precise way. Hoes and weeders should always be cleaned after use. Simple water can be enough, and every 3-4 years it is also a good idea to sharpen them, so that they sink into the ground cleanly and precisely.
garden tools

Care of Equipment and Tools–Garden

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