The Dipladenia

The Dipladenia:

The Dipladenia

This creeping plant does not produce tendrils, but grows by wrapping itself around the support that you provide. If you donít place your Dipladenia near a trellis or some canes it will simply grow falling downwards.

It is generally grown in pots, in good, rich and well-drained soil. It likes bright locations, but should not be exposed to direct sunlight for too long, especially during the hottest hours of the day.

The Sundavilla variety was selected specially to grow well in full sun.

From March to April, until late autumn, water regularly, but waiting for the soil to be dry between one watering and the next; during the cold months the plant goes dormant, so it must be given shelter from the frost, and donít water it.

To survive, these plants need minimum winter temperatures close to 8-10 į C, so you should put it in a stairwell, or in a cold greenhouse.

Before storing for the winter it is a good idea to shorten all the flowering branches up to 7-10 cm from the ground, so as to encourage the development of new branches the following spring.

The Dipladenia

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