Treatment with white oil

Treatment with white oil:

Treatment with white oil

. It is used mainly against scale insects, but also against all the insects that nest in the branches of your garden plants during the winter.

The treatments are applied at the end of winter, when the buds of the plants have not yet swollen and the garden is still at rest; like this you can treat both the larvae and the first eggs laid, so as to stop the insects developing their first spring generation.

White oil is used in the orchard, on evergreen shrubs, and on hedges.

Spray it directly onto the foliage and branches, using a manual atomiser if the plant to be treated is small, or a shoulder spray pump if you have to treat for example a hedge or a large bush.

Mix the recommended dose of white oil with water, and spray the entire shrub, making sure to reach even the underside of the leaves, and the gaps between the branches, because the scale insects lurk especially in these areas.

Treatment with white oil

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