Using anti-algae mulching film

Using anti-algae mulching film:

Using anti-algae mulching film

It is made of a highly resistant fabric, which survives for years even when exposed to the weather. The film is installed after having prepared and worked the earth.

You start by defining the area you want to cover with the fabric, then remove coarse weeds and debris, such as rocks, twigs or other material. Use a hoe to lightly break up the ground, removing any roots of weeds or coarse material present just below the ground surface.

Use a rake to smooth the surface and then flatten it with a roller. If the soil is in a small plot this can also be done with the back of a spade. Then spread the cloth, taking care not to leave wrinkles or creases, but trying to lay the fabric as flat and smooth as possible. Fix the fabric to the sides with special metal staples or pickets.

Using anti-algae mulching film

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