Woody cuttings

Woody cuttings:

Woody cuttings

Woody cuttings are those that are made by taking wood which is already fully lignified, with no green parts. In practice that means taking parts of the branches produced during the previous year.

In general, woody cuttings are taken from deciduous plants, such as tall trees and fruit plants, and the best time to take this type of cuttings is from autumn until winter.

It is done by removing thin branches which have numerous buds. These branches are then divided into portions, each of which should have at least two vigorous buds. If you take the cuttings in late winter, you can see better which buds are largest and best developed.

To prepare a container for propagation of cuttings, use a large tray filled with a compound made up of peat and sand in equal parts, mixed well, and the substrate must be moistened completely, preferably by immersing it in a container full of water, and making sure that the soil becomes wet by capillary action, from the bottom up.

Our cuttings, about 8-10 cm long, should preferably be immersed in hormone rooting powder, before being placed, one beside the other, in the container prepared beforehand.

The tray is then placed in a light, cool and damp place. In order to retain as much moisture as possible we can put the tray in an under-tray, which we will use for watering, then cover it all with a sheet of plastic (plastic food wrap is one possibility). Keep the soil slightly moist by adding small amounts of water to the under-tray, and periodically raise the plastic and spray the cuttings from above with demineralised water.

Woody cuttings

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