Graft Types

There are different kinds of graft. For young plants the most commonly used is the graft that is done by creating a cut on the plant, usually om a main branch, then the small branch that will be inserted has to have a bud in order to fix it under the strip of bark to later cover it with raffia, during the spring. Another kind is the one where a branch of an adult plant gets cut off and the branch of a new plant has to replace the part of branch that has been taken off, corresponding in shape to the previous one and then fixing the two together.


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Graft methods

Both in the case of a bud graft and branch one, the graft should come from a very healthy plant, with complete buds. The cuts should be done with clean and filed tools in order to prevent the attack from parasites and similar. Once you have decided which plant will be inserted, be sure you will use the right tools and methodology to graft it. Some plants need to be grafted because they are unable to develop roots. In this way you can guarantee the propagation of a plant that otherwise would just die without the chance to be prolific.

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Graft [Explicit]

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Graft time

The ideal period to graft is not the same for each plant. You could graft in winter, fall, spring or summer, depending on various variables. The bud grafts should be done in spring or summer, of course, because it is mainly when our plants bud. It could either be a living bud or a sleeping bud, depending on when the bud will get solid and bloom. The branch grafts are usually done at the end of the winter season, most of all for those that have to correspond in shape with the mother plant because the bark should be solid enough to resist to the attachment of a new piece.

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