Manholes allow to verify and observe the inner side of the system to check if everything is working correctly. Every system needs its manhole. It is presented like a box that protects the pulsing core of the irrigation implant and it should be located in the middle of a hole in the ground. When you have specialists settling down your irrigation, they will take care of the manhole warning you of where it is placed and how to handle it. The dimension of the manhole must correspond to the measure of the whole system, which means that if you are doing it all by yourself, ask for info to the experts to create the ideal manhole.

Manhole 03

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Manholes characteristics

The manhole should fit the characteristics of the whole system. For this reason it is particularly requested to consider it during the planning phase of the whole implant. You should inform yourself of the different kinds of manholes existing in the market, and just in case you can always ask for help to the expert of your gardening store. You should get informed not only of the dimensions but also of the ways of collocation, the so called how to of the installation.


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    Manholes costs

    Manholes costsThey cost of your manhole depends of course on the model you choose. In order to know the different alternatives or options and to be sure it fits to the whole irrigation system we have or that we are going to install, you should go to the gardening store knowing all the prerequisites and, just in case, the options you want the manhole to have. In this way, you will have a wider range where to choose your manhole without having to be stuck on one model or even worse, having to change part of your whole installation to make it fit back to the new piece.

    Manholes maintenance

    If you opted for the experts to install your irrigation system along with the manhole, then you should get the information about maintaining the whole structure by them, asking for suggestion on how to preserve it without having to replace it or similar. They will take care of the correct installation in order to guarantee the well functioning without having to call for assistance on a second moment. Although the experts may have done the whole structure following the right method, it could happen that the manhole or the system need maintenance. In that case, if you see that it is not feasible to fix the problem on your own, call the assistance or directly those specialist installing it at first.