Artificial Turf

Artificial Turf

It allows you to create artificial lawns who are apt to practice sport or simply to have an evergreen garden. The ideal places where to settle artificial turfs are also terraces and rooftops, because the artificial green allows people to live outside even in cities without many green spots. At a first sight you do not even see the difference between a healthy garden and an artificial turf, only by taking a deep look at it, you will see the difference, and everyone would think you really take care of your lawn.
Artificial Turf

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Artificial Turf characteristics

There are several different kinds of turf in the market, it can be longer or shorter, depending also on the material it is made of. There are materials that look almost like real grass, at it has some roots like wires that can get the whole carpet stuck to the ground. Depending on the soil, you should be able to choose the right kind of turf, which means that, if you do not know much about it, you should ask for help to specialists and green experts. It will have to be fixed and stabilized in order to get an aesthetic look as closer as possible to the natural grass.

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    Artificial Turf methods

    Artificial Turf methodsSome turfs are made in matting shape which allows people to unfold it directly on the ground. Depending on the length of the grass, you will have several different kinds of matting that you will have to pick with attention in order to let it fit to the environment. There are also carpet-like pieces which are water resistant and light resistant, mostly used in sport locations. Positioning the turf has become an ornamental solution even more and more used nowadays. It is also treated with solutions which create draining system in order to prevent water to remain through the structure getting everything rotten. After leveling the soil, you can lay the structure and spread it out on the surface you have to cover. If you do have big pieces of matting, you should fix it to the ground following the right instruction of the producer.

    Tools for Artificial Turf

    Tools for Artificial TurfOther than the turf carpets and matting, you will need glue which will be specific for artificial turfs, cutters for carpets and similar material, a spatula and a bubble level. Use the right precautions in order to avoid getting glued to the ground or similar, and most of all, ask for help while doing the job because doing it by yourself will make it longer and less perfect than expected. Maintenance is usually easy and less expensive than a natural garden. Just brush it periodically and remove dry leaves or garbage.

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