Garden Lawn


The grass is needed to walk on the soil allowing your children to play, walk, run without getting hurt. Your animals can also enjoy a well maintained lawn running in the open air. This is all possible if you take care of your lawn without letting the grass get dry. If it is big or small it does not matter as long as it is planned and designed in order to create the perfect environment capable to last for a long time and to resist to any kind of external agent.
Garden Lawn

Lawn & Garden

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lawn creation A lawn is originated by planting grass seeds which can be found in any garden store or even well provided supermarket. Many lawns are created using only one species of grass seeds, but nowadays people tend to buy a mixture of seeds in order to get the most resistant ones to last longer. Above all, the choice depends on the environment where you would like to create your lawn, considering weather conditions and potential usage of the final product. Once you plant the seeds, if weather conditions allow it, you can see your lawn bud in less than a week. Some kinds of lawn seed appear wonderful for a first period to disappear once the weather gets too wet. There are specific techniques to get the soil prepared to host your grass seeds. Ask for info to the experts to know how.

    Lawns and Gardens: How to Plant and Beautify the Home Lot, the Pleasure Ground and Garden (1897)

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    Lawn types

    Lawn types Going to a garden store, you will realize that there are several kinds of lawn that you could create, thanks to different kinds of seeds and purposes for your future green carpet. There are mixture of grass seeds for places where you frequently have high exposure to sunlight or even for places where shadow reigns. The mixture will allow you to have an evergreen lawn. Some people prefer to create lawns made of a single seed group because of the homogeneity they would like to see at the end of the growing phase. As a general rule, fast growth seed are preferred and most of all, those seeds that guarantee strong resistance to bustle and periodic mowing. Oat grass is the most common lawn typology because of its high resistance and adaptability. Watering too much a garden does not always cause the grass to get rotten, it always depends on the type you chose.

    Garden Lawn: Grow over grass

    Choosing the right species of grass is the biggest step in the creation of your lawn. You will have to take in consideration the resistance to parasites and diseases. Fungal attacks are well managed by only certain kinds of grass, which means that, if you know you will have a high humidity rate, you will have to plant grass not vulnerable to the growth of fungi. Last but not least is the attack caused by grow over grass which do not allow your brand new lawn to grow healthy because they usually have large leaves obscuring sunlight for the regeneration of the newborn grass. In order to avoid the attack of these harmful plants, you will have to use weed killers as soon as the good grass start to bud. Usually the ideal period goes from April through May for most of the weed grass infesting the lawn.