What is a lawn, if not a place where you can relax, do picnics, play or just lay on the green carpet during a warm day? All true stories, but a lawn also needs to be treated and cured using the same attention you would use for a plant, flowers or similar. You have to water it if there are hot and dry days, and it has to have a good drainage system in order to be healthy. Moreover, you should get rid of weeds and bad plants. Depending from the usage you would like your lawn to have, you can have productive lawns, playgrounds, garden or decorative green spots.

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Before seeding your lawn, you should get the soil ready. Get rid of stagnating water, drain the soil and fertilize it in depth, taking the weeds away. You cannot seed without knowing what you are doing though, in fact there are some rules you have to follow, such as, being sure there is some wind helping you, the soil must be a little wet and of course, raked. As final step, seeds must be spread with an unvarying method.

  • Aeration of the lawn Mowing residues and dead leaves tend over time to create a thick impenetrable layer, called felt, which tends to absorb moisture, preventing it from reaching the grass roots, so it is best to remove t...
  • Prepare your lawn for overseeding First of all cut the grass low, then remove the felt, using a special Aerator rake. With a rake clear the lawn from all the debris from mowing and aerating. At this point scatter all over the lawn the...
  • Trimming the lawn with a brush cutter The borders and the areas in between the plants often remain inaccessible, unless you are prepared to cut the grass in these areas by hand, with long shears, you should use a brush cutter . It is a ...
  • Garden Lawn The grass is needed to walk on the soil allowing your children to play, walk, run without getting hurt. Your animals can also enjoy a well maintained lawn running in the open air. This is all possible...

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In order to keep your lawn healthy and green, you should fertilize it mostly in spring, either using the powdery fertilizer or the organic one. Be sure they will both contain the main nutrients that will be absorbed by the soil, some elements and some minerals. Mowing your lawn should be a practice to follow with regular cycles, followed by ventilation and irrigation procedures as well. If you walk a lot on your lawn, there could be empty spot where the green could disappear, so keep an eye on those spots, getting it clear from weeds and parasites and just add some seeds and soil to regenerate the area.


Just like the care procedure, the maintenance of your lawns considers the main rules of maintaining a healthy lawn by taking good care of it as a first step. Seeding and regeneration should be done during the middle seasons, spring and fall, in order to take advantage of the mild temperatures and precipitations. Watering your lawn is a matter of recognizing when the soil needs to get hydrated because if your over water it, the green of your lawn turns yellow and it gets rotten easily. Always remember to have a good drainage and your lawn should be safe, at least for that part. Fertilization is useful as long as it is done with the right elements, otherwise the lawn can get burnt and it has to be done all over again.