Plants diseases

Plants^ diseases

A plants disease can be caused by external agents, bringing infections and damages to several different parts of the plant, but climate factors and environmental conditions can be harmful as well. The main agents are above all, parasites, like insects, other plants, molds, mildews, bacteria, fungi, and similar. All these external agents can damage any kind of plant and any part of it.
Plants^ diseases

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Environment and climate related disease

disease Environmental and climate factors can be very dangerous for our plants. The last in line can be avoided growing the plants in places that are characterized by the ideal climate for the species you are willing to reproduce or just to take care of. Some unexpected factors can come, of course, but there are several different remedies for very extreme cases as well. For other factors, you will only have to keep in mind the needs and the features of your plants, being considerate of the following care they will need in order to avoid the suffering of the plant or of all the whole crop. The best practice is to never let your plants get vulnerable to virus, bacteria, fungi attacks preserving the conditions in which they live in.

    Plant diseases

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    Pathogen related diseases

    Plants diseases caused by pathogens are several. Some are named after the agent who causes them, others they just contribute to the disease symptoms. Among the best known parasites there are mites, cochineals, aphids, warms, white flies, snails, and moths. Bacteria can provoke severe plants diseases even for the strongest kinds of plants like olive trees, oleander and similar. Viral diseases are generally caused by previous parasite attacks; in fact, viruses penetrate the inner parts of the plants, because of the holes that parasites create on them. On the same page there are fungal infections which affect the plant becoming very resistant and hard to eradicate. Powdery mildew, grey mold, rust and so on, are all part of these attackers. Last, but not least, there are those diseases caused by parasite plants, which get nutrients from stealing it from the guest plant they are growing on. All these problems can b e avoided by using the right care and manners, keeping a good maintenance and using the correct anti-parasites and protective solutions and products.

    Bad growing method related disease

    related disease Plants can get diseases also because of the mistakes we make while cultivating and growing them, such as bad irrigations, low fertilization, bad sun exposure, bad maintenance and similar. These mistakes can be avoided with the passing of the time and by learning how to deal with the good care of the plants. Depending on the symptoms we visualize on the plants, we will have to be able to recognize what is going on in order to proceed with the correct remedy.

    Plants diseases: Tumors

    Plants can develop tumors, like animals and human beings. Differently from the others though, it is not a matter of primary pathologies but it is all due to the bacteria infections caused by fungi or other parasites. Plants tumors do not create metastasis because tumoral cells have an extra-cellular diffusion. Some can affect the roots and the woody parts of the plants, and they can be either appearing on fruit trees or vegetable plants. The cure is directly related to prevention.