Powdery Mildew


It looks like the plant has been covered with flour. This condition can take the plant to stop its growth until it reaches a dying process. It is not hard to recognize the powdery mildew thanks to this semblance of talcum powder. The problem with this disease is that once the spores are in the air, it is not so easy to eliminate them, so be careful and keep the environment safe to avoid the fungus to attack your plants, being able to release other spores in the air, affecting other areas all around.
Powdery Mildew

Powdery Mildew

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Powdery mildew develops in the presence of particular weather conditions, such as a high level of humidity. The ideal environment for a fungus, in fact, is a wet place. You do not see the effects until the fungus starts feeding itself with the elements of the plant, during the winter season. Take in consideration that this disease will most likely attack outside plants more than indoor ones because fungal spores propagate with the wind. Just be aware and check your plants often to see if the fungal spores are already spreading in the environment.

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    Powdery MildewIn the case of fungi like those creating the powdery mildew, prevention is always better than curing. This is because of the fact that, once a fungus attacks, it is hard to get rid of it. The first thing to do is to keep the plants in dry places, or with a low level of humidity, protecting them from temperature leaps. Every once in a while, the plant leaves can be sprayed with sulfur solutions. Shaking the plants after the night frost and deposits can be helpful as well. Just remember to ask for help for timing and quantity of anti-fungal in order to preserve the health of the plant without burning it.

    Powdery Mildew: CURE

    Anti-fungal solutions are the main remedy when your plants get attacked. Sulfur is good also for healing and not only preventing. There are several different ways to use it and every plants has its ideal one so ask for help if you have to use it for your crops. Every solution has also an ideal period of the day to be sprayed. A natural way to fight the powdery mildew is using a rival fungus to eliminate the one causing the white glaze. The rival fungus eats out the enemy instead of eating the plant.