They are usually confused with roaches but being a beetle means being part of more than hundred thousand different kinds, which are also part of a whole family, and genre, of bugs. They infest our garden and fields and they can be very dangerous for our crops. Not all of them are considered dangerous parasites, but we should be careful if we notice the majority of these beetles, crawling on our ground or plants. Ladybugs, for example, are part of this beetle family, but they are not considered hazardous; on the contrary, they are used to fight other parasites.

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On the whole, beetles present the same characteristics regardless of the different name as a bug they have. They all have a very hard body, antennas and wings who are hard as well, called leathery elements. They have a massive chewing apparatus which allows them to chew huge amounts of foods like organic material, leaves and roots. Their larva can eat out whole plants, leaves and barks as well. These can be even more dangerous than the adults bugs because of their voraciousness, and most of all if they are laid down in the grown, they can eliminate roots and plants on their whole. They can infest plantations and fields very easily, and they can reach maturity in a lapse of time that goes up to three years, without that you even get aware of their presence. They prefer living in humid and wet places, thing that makes them be different from roaches, who like dry and dark locations.

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    Beetles: REMEDIES

    BeetlesTo get rid of these parasites you might have to use insecticides and pesticides, that most of the times can be very toxic. For this reason they are trying to produce more organic and biological products. Nowadays, you can count on less toxic products and low chemicals anti-parasite solutions. The hand removal of the larva state bugs, is the most biological remedy you could use. In particular, every kind of beetle has its own way to be eradicated, so if you are not an expert, always ask for help if you are willing to proceed with the extermination. Using chemical pesticides you will risk to have parts of the solutions get absorbed by your plants, intoxicating them on the first place and the people who eat your crop. Remember to always opt for the most harmless solution.