Cockroaches are insects belonging to different species and families. In nature there are up to four thousand species divided in four different genres of cockroaches. These insects can infest domestic locations more than farming places. The damages on agricultural plants caused by these insects are limited while they can cause massive inconveniences to the food production that they chase with voracity. Their danger is mostly related to the hygienic conditions of the location because these insects can bring diseases and viruses or bacteria that can be transferred to mankind.

Parasitic Plants

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Coackroaches characteristics

Coackroaches characteristics Cockroaches can be found anywhere nowadays, also in those locations where they were previously lacking their presence, such as up the mountains up to two thousand meters. The ideal conditions for their growth though are related to warm and wet environments linked to bad hygienic conditions of infested locations. Cockroaches can reach up to 8 cm of length they can have a color that goes from brown to black or even deep dark red. They can be either winged or not but, in any case, they cannot fly high. On the other hand, they can run fast and hide in small holes in the walls. Their life cycle can be long or short, depending on the species, generally they can live up to three years. Their larvae can be followed by the mothers but it happens only for specific families of beetles.

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    Coackroaches infestation

    CoackroachesCockroaches do not infest plants but they are dangerous for domestic locations mostly because their presence is a symptom of bad hygienic conditions. Their characteristic is linked to the huge amount of food they can ingurgitate, so explained the big chewing apparatus. Some cockroaches also have a trunk like element which allows them to dig holes through the plants devouring the inside of their seeds. There is a specific roach attacking some vegetables that can affect the inside lymph of the plant. You can tell it has been affected by squeezing the leaves: if a white liquid comes out, the plant has got the disease this roach transmits. Other kinds of roaches can be harmful depending on the food they choose to feed themselves, they can eat out their roots, seeds, trunks or even fruits, ruining and damaging whole crops.

    Coackroaches prevention

    Cockroaches infestation can be prevented by taking specific hygienic care of the places most in contact with food and similar. In order to avoid roaches to get in, you can hermetically close every location where food is stored. All the holes in the walls should be fixed and places should be kept dry and fresh. In the garden you should provide a good maintenance by removing dry or rotten leaves, and spreading sand on those places where they could find shelter. Some plants keep roaches away, which means you could use them as helpful aids to the fight against roaches.