The white flies are most dangerous parasites for many kinds of plants. They include different species of the Aleyrodidae family and they are widespread all over the world. Originally it was a disease that appeared on specific plants, now they evolved being harmful for many different plants, as long as they are part of those plants having flowers and passing through the blooming stage.

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Whitefly characteristics

The white fly is a very small fly, and its wings are white because they are covered by a sort of powdery substance. It resembles regular flies but most of the times it is classified as an aphid or a lice bug. Differently from regular flies, they do not develop from a larva stage but from a previous stage bug. The symptoms of a plant when attacked are clear, and it is not only the white fly’s fault at the developed stage, but also when it is still a larva, sucking nutrients from the plant’s lymph.

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    What and how

    What and howThe white fly attacks many different plants but most of all, it reproduces on those plants that can give it nutrients such as blooming plants. The problem of this parasite is that it can destroy a whole plantation if it is not discovered in time. In fact, its larva and bugs are very resistant to any kind of remedy, which means that you have to be very careful and prevent its attack, because if it is too late, you cannot get rid of this parasite very easily. It is not even easy to recognize when it begins to act on the plants because leaves do not fall, they do not change color or get rotten because the white flies feed themselves with the lymph and not with the parts of the plant. The plant gets sicker being potentially exposed to the attack of fungi and other diseases, getting even closer to death.


    RemediesBeing the attack of this parasite more than a little deceitful, it is not easy to get rid of this once it has started to attack. Being also resistant to regular remedies, it is even tougher. Chemical and biological remedies together, may work. The first one is made with anti-parasites products, in order to be toxic for the bug; the second one can be done, using other insects or bugs that feed themselves with the white fly larvae. It is always better to try to use the less harmful solution in order to prevent infiltrations in the future fruits or edible products that could reach our kitchens.