Olive tree pruning

Olive tree pruning

Olive trees are originally from middle east but they are now cultivated everywhere in Europe, Italy, France and Spain. The fruits are green or black and some results could not be possible if they were not produced with care and specific tools. Pruning will help the production but also the life of the tree which will get longer. If pruning is not done correctly, the olive tree will become useless.
Olive tree pruning

Pruning Young Olive Trees (Classic Reprint)

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Purpose The purpose of pruning has several directions but mainly it is to improve its production. Then some other variables like age of the tree, its physiological conditions, the climate. Olive trees are pruned to facilitate the collection with the machines, to modify the plant if weather conditions have dismantled pieces of it, to make old trees get back to production, to balance the vegetative phase with the fructifying one to improve the quality of the final product.

    The Effect of Pruning in the Training of Young Olive Trees (Classic Reprint)

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    TechniquesUsually, branches are cut removing the unproductive ones favouring the emission of new buds. You can recognize the useless branches because they are the one developing in length. Hard and strong branches should be removed as well because they steal energy from the plant for the future buds. Cuts should be done upside down. There is the implant pruning which is done when the plant begins to develop in order to shape it. Then there is the growing pruning and later the renovating pruning and they all work to remove excessive or useless parts of the plant. There are specific areas of the tree that have to be removed, and this cannot be done by chance. Branches should not block air flow and sunlight, but the junction point between the branch and the trunk should never be touched.


    Cuts should be done straight and without hesitating. In fact, wrong cuts could be harmful and damage the plant. Viruses, bacteria and fungi could penetrate and attack the tree irremediably. Use specific tools and do not extemporize. The files should always be crystal cleaned and washed with alcohol. The wounds inflicted on the tree should be sprayed with healing products. Pruning should be done once the winter season is over, when the blooming season begins. Just wait for the weather to get warmer because a prolonged cold could spoil the results of the procedure. Olive trees can be pruned every year or every other year.

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