Gazebos usually have a main structure that should be fixed on the ground, no matter the material, adding a cover to it to be protected by the sun and adverse weather conditions. It could be made of wood, iron, steel, plastic and more, you only have to make it fit to the style of your garden. Once you fixed the structure you can add any kind of cover: they are made of material, plastic, tarpaulin or synthetic. Some make a whole wooden gazebo, considering the top as a sort of roof. It just depends on how much you want to spend. Gazebos come in different shapes, but a square shape is the most common. Hexagonal, rectangular, dome-like, it is all up to you what kind of shape you would like the gazebo to have. If you are using your gazebo for a temporary lapse of time, like during summer time, be sure, when the season is over, to store it in a non-humid place. Clean it before closing it and just put it in a repaired room. If you opted for fixed gazebos, ... continua

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    • Gazebo

      Gazebo Almost all the gazebos have the same shape, they can be made with different materials, but the shape
    • Iron gazebo

      Iron gazebo The main structure of an iron gazebo has to be fixed to the ground, necessarily. In this way, it is
    • Wooden gazebo

      Wooden gazebo Sometimes it is always placed in a corner where you can leave your car in order to be sheltered from
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      prosegui ... , you should use resistant material in order to keep it safe from every kind of precipitations or wind. Treat your wooden or iron gazebo with solutions and rust preventer. Do not use detergents if you are not sure of the consequences, always ask for help where you bought your gazebo.Gazebos are sold anywhere, nowadays; to be sure you are buying something resistant and durable, look for specific stores where they deal with garden and outdoor items. Some will sell you dismantled items that you only have to put up in your garden, others will come to your house to set it up; this happens if you got the fixed ones. Of course there is the on-line options for those who trust it, and do not forget to ask for suggestion to those who already own one.Gazebo can be very cheap if you need it removable and foldable, made in plastic and rope, but they can be very expensive if you need the fixed ones, made of wood or iron and with a very solid structure. If you do need an estimate of what your cost would be like, you would rather go to the store asking for help bringing with you numbers like width, height, dimensions in general and purpose of your gazebo.
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