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Sometimes when we give flowers as a gift we want to transmit a specific meaning or a sentiment that could be love, jealousy, friendship, tenderness so it is an important thing to learn such a good manners guide not to give a bad impression of ourselves. Flowers are not all the same that’s why depending on the importance of the occasion, there is the right flower to give and the right manner to extend and present it in a bunch or a bouquet.

In this section we will show you how flowers talk, how to give and present them, what kind of flower choose in what occasions, anniversaries or parties and differences between giving just one flower or a whole bunch. There are many occasions to give flowers. Anniversaries, parties, weddings all are good occasions where flowers could be main actors. At the same time many question can be arose: what kind of flowers give, ... continua

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      prosegui ... , what colours, is it a good choice a bunch or rather a bouquet? Everything depends on the target, the person, the occasion. Not everybody loves cut flowers, so it could be better to opt for a leafy plant. Give cut flowers put us in front of the alternative between a bouquet or a bunch. Give huge and hulking bunches sometimes could be distasteful: it would be better to opt for a little, polished bouquet packaged with care to be given together with a personalized note. Exceptions are allowed when you want to give flowers to your beloved one. Talking about wedding, choosing flowers become one of the most important things. What kind of flowers it is better to use? A bride bouquet is a particular one because of its inner symbolic meaning and because it should express a good omen and the marriage profundity and durability.

      When we talk about giving flowers, always we think giving flowers to a woman, but it is not unusual to give flowers to men provided that some rules are followed. Never give fragile flowers or flowers with romantic meaning or pale colours. Better choose among red, yellow and orange flowers with a determined corolla shape such as the one of tulips, red anthuriums or paradise flowers.