Growing Vegetable Gardens

Who has ever thought of cultivating a personal vegetable garden? Many of us do not even know if they have enough space or manners, or if it will take a lot of our time to see it offering our first products, but it is never too late to start working on it. It is actually a very good idea to have vegetables and small fruits growing fresh during the right season, and you can also save money by growing your own healthy food without having to buy them at the grocery’s. Preservatives and pesticides will not even be a problem anymore. To start shaping this environmental worth project, you just have to follow some simple rules.Look for a spot in your garden where daylight is almost at its maximum during winter season or spring. Do not let it be exposed to bad weather conditions though, and remember that when it is cold, you will not have a huge production, ... continua

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      prosegui ... , so be sure that the sun will be present to preserve those few vegetables that will resist. As a matter of dimensions, just think that for a vegetable garden sized up to 50sqm you can get a harvest for a whole family for the duration of the whole season (summer). If you do own pets, put a fence all around the area to protect not only the products, but the whole sowing soil as well. Vegetable garden may be grown on a terrace too. If this is your case, you should think of a suitable way to drain the water and to make the air flow prior to start planting food. It will be a longer process, but not impossible.No matter the season, your vegetable garden will be productive 12 months a year, even though it is during summertime that you will see abundant lettuce, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplants and more. Winter is the ideal time for broccoli and cauliflowers, always if you keep them well repaired from ice and wind. Use a "growing calendar" to check the perfect time to sow and grow; usually you can buy it at the grocery store or similar shops. You can also buy seeds or small plants to be potted, and then you should transplant them into the land spot you planned to be your vegetable garden. Once you have your own products, you can also try to save the seeds and sow them for the following season.Depending on where you want the vegetable garden to be located, you will need different kinds of tools. If the area you dedicated is wide, you would need a rototiller or any tool to turn the soil. Obviously a spade, a hoe and a rake cannot be missed. Small versions of these tools can be helpful if you are planning a small garden on your terrace for spices like basil, rosemary, thyme, and other herbs. You can water it with simple and easy tools, hosing down without having to ditch for irrigation systems. Everything else you will need is just patience and care.