Herbal teas

We have to boil water and to drop the herbs once the fire is turned off. The active parts of the plants, like flowers, roots or leaves, have to sink and release their principles for 5 to 10 minutes. Use a filter to get rid of the soaked parts and then you can drink your herb tea. It is up to you if you like it sweetened or pure, but usually you do not need to add sugar to infusions in order to preserve their purity and not to affect their active principles effects.Herb teas have different purposes depending on the herb you use, or the mix of herbs you created for your infusion. There are depurative infusions, draining, diet teas, cleansing products and others. Every part of the plant you use, will have a specific action. The amount of water and herbal ratio are also important aspects that you would have to consider: water must be more, in quantity, ... continua

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      prosegui ... , than the herbal mixture. Nowadays there are premade filters that you could use without having to worry about the quantity of herbs that you are going to use for your final product.Drinking herb teas or infusions has its specific meaning. In fact, you would use a specific tea to take advantage of the benefits that herb or mixture of herbal elements could have for your body. Every plant has its active principle to be released in hot water, it just depends on the main purpose you want to follow. Of course, you cannot expect results drinking a cup of herb tea, only once in your life. Indeed, herbal plants must be introduced in your system, following regularity and resolution, in order to get the benefits of their elements. Depending on the plant itself, be sure you will not abuse of herb teas because, just like any other kind of drug, they could have side effects if taken thoughtlessly. Imagine being allergic to a plant, or a fruit, and to assume the herb tea of that plant: expect a reaction. Use your knowledge, ask for information and help to be sure you are not going to get hurt by inappropriate usage of infusions.