• Phytotherapy

    As times have changed, phytotherapy became an alternative medicine that would be complementary to the classic way to understand treatments. Plants give us many healthy useful essences which have germicide, fungicide, laxative and anti-inflammatory functions. Phytotherapy helps fighting against obesi... go to the section Phytotherapy
  • Syrups

    Syrups are useful for many kinds of problems, but mostly for those symptoms that affect us during the winter season. You can produce it by only mixing your natural ingredients, such as herbal mix or extracts, water and sugar, or honey. The preparation varies depending on the herbs you are using and ... go to the section Syrups

  • Mother tincture

    Mother tincture
    Differently from the dry extracts, for the mother tinctures there is no obligation to have standardized methods or information to be shown to the potential user. It is almost impossible to quantify the amount of active principles contained in a hydro alcoholic solution. As a general rule, we conside... go to the section Mother tincture
  • Lotions

    The aspect of a natural lotion should be exactly like a regular traditional lotion. It is a fluid substance that you can rub on your skin and it gets absorbed by your cells. The main difference is made by the ingredients: biological ingredients are used to create a natural lotion. The only problem w... go to the section Lotions

  • Herbal teas

    Herbal teas
    We have to boil water and to drop the herbs once the fire is turned off. The active parts of the plants, like flowers, roots or leaves, have to sink and release their principles for 5 to 10 minutes. Use a filter to get rid of the soaked parts and then you can drink your herb tea. It is up to you if ... go to the section Herbal teas
  • Honey

    Bees usually know where they should go to find their flowers. They also recognize polluted plants, and they move to the perfect area to settle down and produce honey. Honey does not have to go through production processes other than the bees’. If you need natural honey, but you read something like “... go to the section Honey

  • Decoctions

    Just like teas and infusions, you have to get the water boil. Instead of turning the fire off though, you just keep it going, water boiling, spreading the herbs and stirring. You have to let the whole mixture boil for a couple of minutes. In fact, you usually have to do decoctions instead of infusio... go to the section Decoctions
  • Dry extract

    Dry extract
    The dry extract is used to prevent and to heal specific diseases or symptoms of diseases. Every kind of plant would allow the extraction of their specific dry extract. In this way, the various kinds that can be present in nature are proportional to the presence of the original plant. To be sure you ... go to the section Dry extract

  • Fresh Plant juices

    Fresh Plant juices
    Fresh plant juices have the advantage of being totally natural, without having to be added with preservatives or pigments. The juice gets extracted from the fresh plant, without having to dry it or marinate the plant, which guarantees the freshness of the product. The vegetable active principles pas... go to the section Fresh Plant juices