Ginger decoction

Ginger decoction

The first thing to do is to get half a ginger root letting it boil in hot water for at least five minutes. Once you remove the pieces of ginger root by filtering the liquid solution, you can add some honey to make it sweeter. If you add some eucalyptus honey, the result will be sensational. During the cold season, this decoction results among the best remedies for a cold and for the typical winter season diseases.
Ginger decoction

En décoction

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Preparation Ginger decoctionLet the mixture get cold while resting in the water. Add some lemon juice drops since it contains a very good percentage of vitamic C. It is a very good anti-bacteria solution, inflammation preventer and it also dries up the excessive liquids in your body. You will need a piece of garlic to improve its effects. Let them both boil in hot water for a while and later let it get cold, covering it in order to keep the active principle not getting wasted.

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    There is more to those already mentioned. Ginger decoction is good for winter season problems as well as to exercise a warming effect on the whole body. It improves the wellness of a human being which is constantly attack during the winter by pathogens and viruses. Ginger helps with digestion and it helps assimilating good proteins and carbohydrates. It helps release inner gas improving blood circulation and consequently the oxygen presence in the body. Do not drink more than three to four cups a day.


    Ginger decoction characteristicsIts flavor is typical and some might like it, some do not. It is spicy and hot but its characteristics are directly related to this feature. In fact, through body transpiration, it helps getting rid of the bad elements in the body, blocking the attack from the outside. Ginger decoction is good for nose obstruction and cough, but it does not have to go over the maximum daily quantity.

    Side effects

    As for many other spices, it is not a good idea to assume these drinks when breastfeeding or pregnant. This is due to the fact that, if for any reason, you make mistakes with dosage or similar, it can cause gastritis and digestive problems going to irritate the stomach a little too much. For this reason it is always suggested to ask for help to the specialist in herbal medicine and similar, or to get informed before using these decoction which can be very helpful in cases, as long as prepared correctly.