The medication market is now introducing even more and more remedies presented with capsules, even for those remedies that in the past had to be assumed in a liquid form or similar. This is also thanks to the fact that, being the active principles extracted in a mechanical way in laboratories or other places controlled by specific agencies, you can be sure they pass through specific checks and respecting the laws for other specific operations.

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Types of Capsules

Capsules can be made for herbal remedies but also for regular medications. In the case of herbal remedies, many plants and their parts are specifically produced to be placed in capsules, see garlic powder capsules or similar, which allow a high concentration of active principle in a small capsule. Capsules allow also to protect our stomach from potentially harmful effects because some are made to get dismantled when entering the intestine, leaving the stomach free and protected. Another plus is that you do not have to taste the herb you are assuming, avoiding the yucky feeling of ingesting herbs that you do not like, but that could be helpful for your natural remedy mixture.

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    Benefits of Capsules

    Benefits of Capsules The main benefit of using capsules is that you do not taste what is stored inside. They also dissolve and melt more easily that the plant or the fruit themselves, because they can release their active principle in a lower amount of time. Many tools for the creation of the capsules are less expensive than those tools to create herbal remedies for other forms (powders, extracts, tablets). Excipients are easier to be chosen in contrast to those you should use to create tablets.

    Capsules production

    The component of the capsule can be made of one or many active substances or, most of the times, several excipients can be used to create the shell. Gelatin is usually the main ingredient. The production must go through four main processes: orienting the capsules when empty, fixing the capsules opening them and later filling them with the substances, eventually closing them expulsing the capsules from the machine without damaging the final product. Remember that capsules should not be used by babies or your children. They cannot be used as substitutes for foods, and you should be followed by doctor’s instructions in order to use them in the correct way.