Blueberry Juice

Blueberry Juice

This juice is particularly suggested for those people who suffer from recurrent infections related to the urinary apparatus because of its strong anti-bacterial properties and anti-inflammatory characteristics. Cranberry juice is the red berry version of the blueberry, it basically has the same characteristics, they share most part of their principles, being part of the same family, with some more specific features per category.
Blueberry Juice

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Blueberry Juice characteristic

Blueberry Juice characteristic Blueberry (cranberry) juice has, as we previously said, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics. Beyond the benefits for the urinary system in its whole, diuretic properties included stimulating the functions of bladder and kidneys, it is the perfect ally for your cardiovascular apparatus, for your veins, for your blood vessels, you hearth and last, but not least, your eyes, with particular attention to the retina. Its components are often used to contract cholesterol because of the presence of anti oxidant molecules helping with the transformation of proteins lowering the level of bad cholesterol.

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Blueberry Juice preparation

Blueberry Juice preparation Blueberry juice can be done at home because it is a relatively easy procedure. An example of preparation can be done by getting ready with some blueberries, half a lemon, a little bit of honey and a mixer. Make a selection of those blueberry with more pulp and flawless, then wash them with water and let them dry. Mix them with a mixer and add some water if you see that the juice is too thick. The juice of half a lemon will add the citric acid to prevent the final juice to get rotten in a short time. The final step is stirring some honey to make it sweet because blueberries are generally sugarless and sour.

Blueberry Juice properties

In a glass of blueberry or cranberry juice you will have a huge source of vitamins, in particular vitamin c, very important for the health of our whole body and organism. It helps protect our tissues and cells, being also a more than valid anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory element. Thanks to its properties, this juice is also used in timorous cases because of its action on cells. It heals and protects against potential external attacks, obstructing the reproduction of bacteria. A glass of this juice every day for at least three months has been tested to be valid and to work properly on the human body.