Lemon Juice

Characteristics Lemon juice

Lemon juice is highly rich in citric acid. Citric acid has the function to give its characteristic sour and acidic taste. Usually it gets stored without preservatives for at least twelve months, because it gets used as part of the main ingredients for the realization of drinks and food of different genre.
Lemon Juice

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Preparation Lemon juice

Several different phases take the lemon to be ready, and under a liquid form. It has to go through hygienic operations, cleanse, and other operations that guarantee the lemon to get rid of potentially harmful elements. The working operations are particularly complicated and difficult. Once the lemon is clean, it gets cut in half and the pulp gets extracted in order to get its juice, finally. Lemon juice can be consumed fresh or it pass to the other processes of filtration, being de-aerate, and similar.

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    Properties Lemon juice

    Properties Lemon juiceScientific studies have demonstrated how lemon juice is one of the most efficient product to improve digestive activities and similar. This is also due to the presence in high level of citric acid and vitamin c, because both these elements have benefits for the digestive system and the consequences that a good digestion can have on everyone’s body. It is stimulant, it helps with the production of gastric juices and other processes, while the vitamin c is rich with anti oxidants and toxins suppressors, helping the immune system to stay strong.

    Lemon Juice: Benefits Lemon juice

    Other than the benefits at the digestive level, the lemon juice is perfect for your liver as well. The immune system gets stronger and the glucose levels get lower helping the glycemic index to stay low, without making you feel hungry when you are not. Small drops of lemon juice, if taken constantly, improve all those problems related to lungs and flu or cough. Lemon juice can be used not only as a drink, but also as a house cleaning product. Natural remedies made with lemon are infinite.