Draining Herb Teas

What are draining Herb Teas

In order to get the draining effect from the plant, what is used is the solvent effect that you can obtain through water processes, which means that, depending on the compost that you are willing to get, you would use hot water for infusions or decoctions, and cold water when you just let the herbs macerate. There are many recipes to solve water retention problems, and to get a depurative action for your whole body; you only have to pick the right herbs to do your draining herb tea.
Draining Herb Teas

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Types of draining herb teas

Among the most important and well known draining herb teas, you will find herb teas made of asparagus, birch, couch grass, nettle, ask, parsley and cherry tree. This kind of herb tea can be valid even when you use only one of those ingredients. As a general rule you would not mix more than five herbs altogether. Sometimes, in order to improve the taste of herb teas, some ingredients are added only with the purpose of the taste, such as lemon balm, fennel, orange, basil, jasmine and mint, and even more often licorice and verbena. To prepare some good draining herb tea you will have to follow instructions and, in case, just act as if you were doing regular herb tea, letting water boil and turning the heat off while letting the herb in infusion. After a couple of minutes just filter everything and drink it when needed.

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    Draining Herb Teas effect

    Draining Herb Teas effectThe expected effects of a draining herb teas are linked to those moments when you are willing to contrast kidney stones, premenstrual syndrome, urinary problems and edemas or cardiovascular apparatus problems. Of course, when you have water retention or cellulite, you can get benefits from these kinds of herb teas. Adding some specific drugs to the essential ones, you can add anti-septic and anti-inflammatory actions to the regular draining effect, and adding chamomile you can also get soothing and calming effects as well.

    Side effects

    Draining herb teas do not have side effects, but as for many other products, it is never a good idea to abuse it. The right dosage will be explained to you by your herbal specialist or doctor, otherwise, you can read instructions on the package following the right directions as expressed on the product. If the taste of the draining herb tea seems too bitter or raw, just add some honey, without using sugar or anything that could modify the essential chemical reactions and assimilation of the active principles.