Fennel infusion


In order to realize this infusion, you will have to let the fennel seeds rest for a while in a cup full of water which has to be boiling water. Once you filtered the whole mixture, you will have to add some honey, as much as you prefer, and then drink it. Fennel infusions should be drunk before eating or during the day away from the meals. A good practice is to drink it before going to bed, in fact it has amazing relaxing and purifying effect for the whole organism.
Fennel infusion

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Fennel benefits Since fennels can be found anywhere, fennel infusion and easy and fast to create. One of the most important facts of using fennel, is that it can be used in phytotherapy and herbal medicine without any problems, as long as you know how to use it without abusing it. It is particularly useful for all those problems related to the digestive system, air in the stomach and nausea. When breast-feeding, fennel infusion is known to be a very helper in improving the taste of milk for newborns. Fennel seeds can guarantee a stimulating activity for appetite and a calming effect on pain cause at abdominal level.

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    Fennel Preparation The best way to get a very good fennel infusion is by getting dried fruit and seed and squashing them with a mortar. Once you are done with this operation, you will have to put the powdery substance in a cup, make water boil and then pour the water in the cup letting the infusion work a while, at least ten minutes. Active principles and positive elements get released and then you can filter it to have a clear drink.

    Fennel infusion: Effects

    Do not abuse of the fennel infusion, just follow your herbal specialist directions or simply get all the information you need before doing something wrong. Fennel can cause allergies resulting in tongue inflammation or even skin rush, itch and burning feeling. Before using it, be sure you are not allergic to fennel. If everything is alright, you will have relaxing and digestive effects all in once.