Herb teas


Herb teas can be done by mixing different kinds of plants or just using a specific one; in any case, it is preferable not to mix more than five herbs because there could be interactions among the different types of vegetable and their potential active principles and natural elements. Always remember to ask your herbal specialists for suggestions and be sure you are using it correctly in order to get the best from your infusion.
Herb teas

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Herb teas can be prepared in various different ways, depending on the characteristics you would like your final product to have. It depends on the extraction method you want to use. Decoctions, for example, see the usage of roots, barks, cortex, branches and all those parts of the plant where the active principles do not get damaged by a long boiling process in water. You should do it adding the herbs to cold water, letting it boil and stay for a couple of minutes and then filtering. Infusions are ideals when you are using plants with not much aerial essences but their principles are well diluted with the warmth of the water. This can be done like a regular tea, leaving the herbs in infusion once the water boils and then filtering. Maceration is used when active principles could get lost in the boiling process or the plant parts need a lot of time to release them in water. Leave your herbs macerate in a small amount of cold or warm water for at least a couple of hours and then filter everything.

  • Draining Herb Teas In order to get the draining effect from the plant, what is used is the solvent effect that you can obtain through water processes, which means that, depending on the compost that you are willing to g...
  • Slimming herb teas Slimming herb teas should be assumed with very low dosage and for a long period. This is because the active principles contained in the herbs they are made of, have to start circulating in your system...

Herb Tea

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Herb teas: TYPES

TYPESThere are several different types of herb teas, depending on the effect you would like them to have on your system. There are depurative herb teas, calming ones, relaxing, digestive and similar. Some can be given to children and babies to help them with their digestion and baby colics, some are taken by people who would like to lose weight taking advantage of the thermogenic qualities that help in the process. During winter time when you would like to drink something hot, you could opt for a hot herbal tea which would help you getting warm and also being good for your body and soul at the same time.