The infusion can be obtain by pouring hot water you previously boiled, on a vegetable or herbal component you intend to get the hydro soluble element from. It is widely spread the knowledge of how the infusion procedure is the most practiced method of extraction thanks to the aptitude to follow the different steps heading to the final product. It is important to know how to distinguish an infusion from a decoction because on the second one, you have to boil the herbal elements together with the water. The benefit of having an infusion is that you can enjoy even those lighter elements of the herbs that could get lost or burnt during the boiling process.

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Considering the short amount of time to get the infusion ready, those parts of the herbs to be chosen should be the softest, such as flowers and leaves, and they should be used in powder form or similar in order to get the expected result. The hardest parts of the plants, like cortex or roots, are frequently utilized to produce decoction for the previously mentioned reason of the boiling process. Since most of the times infusions are made with fresh herbs, it is always suggested to consume it as soon as possible without storing it, not even in the fridge, most of all if you keep it there for more than just a couple of hours or even a day.

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Infusions: Types

For each of your problems there are specific infusions that can be done. In order to get the best from the herb we choose, we should be able to get them in powder or in crumble form. This allows the solvent to reach the depth of the herb taking out the healing elements. Infusions can be diuretic, calming, soothing, energizing and so on, it all depends on the herbs they are made of. Just remember to boil water before pouring it into the cup with the herbs and leave these macerate for a couple of minutes. Some herbs request to macerate for longer and you should let them stay until the water gets lukewarm. Once done you only have to filter and drink.