Acacia Honey

Acacia Honey

Acacia honey is well known everywhere, but it is produced mostly in the northern parts of Italy. The presence of the Alps helps with its production even though you can find it anywhere. Because of its characteristics, it is one of the most cherished honey. It is delicate and light and its production has to go through specific procedure in order to keep its properties alive.
Acacia Honey

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ProductionAcacia honey is produced during the spring time, mostly in May, when the winter is over and the heat is starting to warm up the land. There is also imported acacia honey from the Eastern lands like China and Europe, but Italian honey is always the most requested. Acacia honey is generally very liquid and it does not get hard very easily; its color is clear and it has a very high sweetener potential. These characteristics can be modified or integrated by the production season, and by the concentration of the different nectars.

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    PropertiesAcacia honey is cherished for its detoxifying properties. Liver and intestine thank acacia syrup for the good effects it has on them. This honey helps with the healing of inflammation processes in the whole body and most of all those affecting the lungs, the throat and the oral apparatus. Often it is used as a laxative, but it does not have the side effects of other laxative products. Gastritis and stomach pains are easily relieved by the ingestion of honey or edible preparation having honey inside.


    The main characteristic of acacia honey is its color, because it is almost crystal clear, with taste and scent that reminds of the taste of honey. Its humidity is relatively high for a honey but crystallization can still not happen because of its composition. Because of this, its color can slightly change to a murkier one, but stirring it, will get it back to normality.


    This honey has an extremely sweet taste and its fragrance is relatively sugared. You can use it anywhere so its benefits are multiple. It can be a sweetener for many reason because of the lack of specific taste, which means that you can use it for yogurts, fruit compositions, drinks and more. Bread can also get its flavor improved by the usage of honey instead of sugar. It is often suggested by specialists for young children, when it has to be added to milk during the first years of milk feeding, improving the health of the child who appreciates this honey more than others.