Honey composition

The composition of the bee product, honey, is not particularly complicated: inside honey you can find fructose, glucose, water, other sugars, mineral salts and a lot of enzymes. For this reason honey has always been a food that contains a very high level of nutritional value, and part of this is due to the fact that it is a substance that is so easily assimilated and very fast to go through our human system. The large amount of glucose inside honey allows energy to go through the system of those people eating honey. While this energy goes for the body strength and activity, the fructose that get metabolized by the liver improves the energy storage activity of the body creating a real saving power reserve for the future.

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In order to understand the benefits coming from honey, just consider that a portion of 100gr can provide more than 300 kcal to our body, without considering the sweetener power of a single spoon. Being composed for the most part by simple sugars, honey is one of those aliments that people practicing heavy level sports cannot avoid. For children and old people as well, honey represent a very valuable food that should be consumed at least once a week, most of all during the winter season, guaranteeing a very good health and better performances for the whole organism.

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Honey characteristics

Honey characteristicsWhen honey gets crystallized is completely normal. Crystallization in fact, represents a procedure that is due to its natural composition, which is the relationship existing between glucose and fructose, and it is caused by the outer temperature to which honey is exposed. The more glucose, the faster will be the crystallization process. Honey was widely used during the ancient times as well. Its anti-bacterial effect is well known, and it is due to the presence of sugar and acid ph.

Honey usage

Honey is used in the herbal field because it has the quality to treat the immune system and it is particularly efficient also for the skin system. The nervous system and all the other apparatus as a consequence, can benefit from its usage helping the body to keep strong and healthy without any effort. There are several different kinds of honey, depending on the plants where bees go to collect their nectar. For this reason, every honey will contain the positive principle of each plant they come from, having the same effect as those offered by the active principles of the original plant.